G(irl)photographer: My Top Shows of 2019

By: Kail Rose, Published 12/31/19 on G(irl)photographer.com

It’s been a wild, jam-packed year. So many amazing opportunities and incredible shows – I’m beyond blessed to have found myself sitting in the pit at each of them, shooting to my heart’s content. As I do every year, here’s a recap of my favorite shows (and festivals) of 2019.

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#1 – Camp Anarchy

For the unexpected, last-minute punk rock awesomeness. Also I got invited backstage for The Offspring (by Lee Ving of FEAR himself), but I’m getting ahead of myself. I literally found out I’d be shooting this one four days prior. Yeah, another one of those

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In Flames Set the Culture Room Ablaze

Despite a cold and wet evening, fans were lined up down the block to get into Fort Lauderdale’s Culture Room. The venue, a must-play for any metal act passing through South Florida, was at capacity this evening to see Swedish heavy metal favorites, In Flames.

The Swedish sextet, supporting the release of their  thirteenth album, I, The Mask, a masterwork of melodic metal, took to the stage one at a time to a rapturous crowd. Much like their albums, an In Flames show is melodic and at the same time driven by a head-banging ferocity akin to At The Gates and Dark Tranquility,  the other pioneers of the melodic death metal genre.

As the band tore into the opening chords of Cloud Connected, a tight tour de force of power and elegance the crowd erupted. Throughout the night the band led the crowd through a collection of hits and deep tracks from almost every album in the catalog while harmonizing guitars accompanied scream growling.  However, some songs did away with both the guitar melodies and growling in favor of cleaner vocals as the multi-guitar harmonization is often difficult to achieve live much like the growling is not ideal for choruses. Either style, the crowd had no objections.

Canadian metal outfit Arrival of Autumn opening for In Flames.

Opening acts for the evening festivities included Canadian metal outfit Arrival of Autumn and Nashville Christian rock band Red, both of whom put on commanding performances for an enthralled house.

Nashville’s Red opening the evening for In Flames

Half Alive packs the Culture Room

The entire venue turned dark. Not a light anywhere, even the empty bars are dark. With the darkness came roars of approval from the largely teenage crowd, and then the opening chords of ok ok?, the smash hit from the Long Beach indie-pop band Half*Alive. With only a single hand-held spotlight to light their faces the trio played their way through a highly choreographed set of danceable yet abstract tunes, mostly from the recent release Now, Not Yet and a pair coming from the 2017 EP 3

The interesting choice of choreography, a mix of ’80’s popping and locking blended with Talking Heads era David Byrne was omnipresent all night as the crowd imitated every move of their idols. The music itself a sort of mashup of pop with quasi-religious overtones, or as lead singer Josh Taylor calls it, “the sweet spot between a strict and relatable”. Well said Josh. 

This is a band and a show with no discernable musical influences yet many at the same time. Is that Chance The Rapper I hear there, no, maybe Susan Stevens? And the name, well that’s a reference to Freud. Confused, don’t be. Stand back and enjoy this riveting live show the next time they come to town. Just don’t try to explain it to anyone. 

The opening act for the evening’s festivities was South Florida locals, The Polar Boys, bringing their take on retro surf-rock to the party.

​Geoff Clowes is a South Florida-based live music photographer. He’s shot hundreds of bands over the years in three countries in venues giant and intimate; “but it’s always the local shows in the small venues that I look forward to shooting the most.”

“Music photography allows me to indulge my passion for music, photography, and travel at the same time. I am truly blessed to be able to photograph the bands whose posters once adorned the walls of my childhood bedroom while also getting a pit view of the newest up and coming acts. None of this would be possible without the support of editors that believe in my art and an understanding family.”

Geoff brings with him a wealth of experience and a poignant black-and-white style that strikingly captures the passionate spirit of the artists he’s shooting.

Follow him on social media and his website, Sage and Spirit Photography.

News: 10th Annual Electric Forest Lineup announced!

Must-see or Meh? Vote below!!


Meh (1) – – – – > Must-See (5)

What a beautiful, diverse, colorful, genre-bending lineup for their 10th annual festival… wow, just wow. This is a delight. We are so stoked to see String Cheese Incident in the top spot and tbh… Bassnectar is also not terrible. But there are some hidden treasures a little lower down on that lineup, too! And if you want a festival with all the activities, look no further; art, camping, yoga, performers, fantasy, more art, and a little education and activism? Yes please.

Our pick for most-underrated artist on the lineup?

That’s a tie between The Iceman Special and Austin’s own Grammy-nominated The Black Pumas. Neither will disappoint, but just to be sure – catch both.

Let us know your thoughts – is this a must-see or a meh? Vote above!

News: hangout Fest Lineup announced!

Must-see or Meh? Vote below!!


Meh (1) – – – – > Must-See (5)

My head was spinning before I’d even read half of this lineup… Hangout is known for BIG lineups (and a great beach… and the perfect spot to drag the squad for a weekend of careless revelry…) but this is bigger than big. I don’t even know where to start. Solid Must-See.

Our pick for most-underrated artist on the lineup?

Barns Courtney tied with Scarypoolparty. Let’s just hope they don’t overlap on the schedule.

Let us know your thoughts – is this a must-see or a meh? Vote above!