G(irl)photographer 001:

Musings from my photographic journey; learnings, inspiration, adventures, chance meetings and useful resources. Also probably some overly enthusiastic ramblings about cool things I happen across… In case it wasn’t already obvious, one of my biggest passions is photography. Captain Obvious has entered the building. To be honest, it’s become a monumentous learning curve that uncovers just how many things I don’t know as I (attempt … Continue reading G(irl)photographer 001:

Blog #3917: Sparrow in the Engine

I just had a massive reality check. Life is so weird sometimes. I found myself having just boarded a plane in Austin, ready to fly out for a week-long trip to Traverse City, MI. It would be a jam-packed week ahead; two concerts to photograph, a blog story, business meetings, dinners, brunches and breakfasts planned and some resort photography. And when I say “some,” I … Continue reading Blog #3917: Sparrow in the Engine

Mind of a Musician: A Creative’s Journey, Blog series Part 002

Touring is an interesting beast. Sure, you’re getting to travel to places you’ve never been before and meet lots of people, but there’s so much more to it than that. There’s the logistics and admin work that goes into planning out stops, shows, where you’re staying in hotels or with friends, or in some cases camping, and a whole plethora of other concerns and details … Continue reading Mind of a Musician: A Creative’s Journey, Blog series Part 002